Hi, potential partner 👋

So you want to become a partner(server) of Real Time Socialists? Great!
There are a few requirements you (and your server) need to meet, before we can talk about partnering up. So I would ask you friendly to first read this page carefully 🙂

The conditions

Your server and your community are not toxic towards the political left.

So, this means that your server and the community your server serves are at least tolerant towards the leftist political ideologies. Also it means that your server and it’s community does not endorse, advocates for, or empowers ideologies that are against common leftist views. For example, RTS will not partner with servers that advocates for:
– Fascism, Nazism or ethnic nationalism
– Reductionism or anti-intersectional takes
– Capitalism or ancaps
– Authoritarianism (including tankies and USSR-larping)
– All Far-right bigotry
– Conspiracy theories (e.g. InfoWars, cultural marxism, holocaust denial)
– Anything else that fits in this list

All server staff (including you) are not toxic, but are friendly and approachable to members.

Toxic hierarchical environments will affect the members. We -as socialists- don’t like unnecessary hierarchical power plays. So if any toxicity of this is present on your server, we will not partner up.

Your server serves a meaningful and public community and is accessible.

This requirement means that your server needs to have at least a meaningful topic and/or a defined community. Examples of allowed servers are:
– Gaming servers
– Political discussion servers
– Community servers

Examples of less meaningful servers, we are hesitant to partner with:
– Advertisement servers without defined topic besides advertisement
‘For lulz’ friends servers
– Generic memes servers
– Private servers
– Servers with difficult verification/initiation steps for new users
– Servers not allowing for English language being used in chat and voice channels

All lefty. So, how to partner?

Send a dm (in Discord of course) to asamson#9999!
Me or a staff member will then review your server and your community and if everything is all right, we will set up partnership.
No member requirements, no ping4ping, no rep4rep.
Of course you are welcome to visit our server @ rts.gm7.nl/join