Real Time Socialists uses a common staff system for the Discord server. On this page you can get acquainted with the different roles of staff.

Owner / Co-Owner

These people own the server. Server owners will not hoist their ‘owner’ role.


Administrators are the people in charge of different facets of the server. RTS decided to split the work done by administrators in three. We have Server-, Operations– and PR Admins

Server Admin

The Server Admin is in charge of all that’s technical and architectural about the server. Think of lay-out, roles, bots, access control and such. Server Admins can, but generally will not interfere with operations or public relations. Server Admins are forming, guiding and maintaining the team of Specialists.

Operations Admin

The Operations Admin is in charge of the flow of the server. You can think of moderation, hiring moderators and maintaining a secure and safe server for everyone to enjoy.

PR Admin

The PR Admin (Public Relations Admin) is in charge of internal- and external communications with other servers and staff of other servers. Also do PR admins raise funds where and organize giveaways. Sometimes PR Admins are called ‘Partner Managers’.


Specialists are mostly the very creative people on the server and help us to make the server safe and enjoyable. They consists of GFX Designers, Developers and Bot Masters. They are guided by the Server Admin and from time to time they will work together with the PR Admin. The following specialists are known within the walls of RTS:

  • Tech Lead | Squad leader position
  • Software Developer | Tech
  • Bot Master | Tech
  • Creative Lead | Squad leader position
  • GFX Designer | Creative
  • Financial Manager | Administrative


Moderators are the hands and eyes of the Operations Admin. They do a very demanding and very rewarded job by keeping the server’s chat- and voice channels safe and clean. The Moderators consists of:

  • Head Moderator | Squad leader position
  • Moderator | Trusted and experienced
  • Rookie Mod | Starting position

PR Team

The PR Team consists of people who like to ‘spread the word’. They like to make our server known to other people by actively seeking ways to promote our server. Their responsibility falls under the PR Admin. The PR Team consists of:

  • PR Manager | Squad leader position
  • PR Agent | Trusted and experienced
  • PR Trainee | Starting position